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Smart laboratory management

myScal® is a software solution for the complete management of laboratory equipment and calibration procedures for measuring instruments used in all segments of the industry - from research and development to the pharmaceutical and food industries, pharmaceutical production, chemical products and technology.


The only software for 
pipettes, weights & balances calibration

Modularity - MyScal®
We are the only one on the market providing a solution for calibrating balances, weights and pipettes in one software. Do you want one module or more? myScal® gives you the ability to choose the ideal option for your calibration lab.
Cloud technology - MyScal®
Cloud technology
All your data and measurement results are stored in the ‘cloud’ and you can access them from any location at any time. myScal® is a SaaS software solution which enables you to access it through your web browser.
Digital Data transfer - MyScal®
Digital Data transfer
Reduce paper documents and manage documentation. Generating digital documents saves you time and resources and provides greater security in data integrity because each one is electronically signed.
Audit ready - MyScal®
Audit ready
We facilitate audits for calibration laboratories and equipment users. myScal® is compliant with EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and provides complete traceability of all data in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Calibrate a multichannel pipettes 
in 15 minutes

Except calibrating balances and weights, myScal® also offers customers a module for calibrating pipettes. The software provides a special advantage in combination with Speedcal multi-channel balance which significantly speeds up the calibration process of multi-channel pipettes, reduces the risk of human error and minimizes the use of paper documentation.

calibration process

MyScal® is a unique and the only software solution on the market that enables completely modular and complete management of laboratory equipment and calibration procedures of measuring instruments. This "all-in-one" measurement tool covers the entire calibration process within a single software solution, from receiving the calibration instrument, to the technical measurement procedure, calculating the results to generating the calibration certificate, approving it and sending it to the user.

Why is myScal®
the ideal choice for your laboratory?

We have completely adapted the possibilities and features of the myScal® software to the needs and requirements of users. Automated calibration procedures and digitization of laboratory data and measurement results, allow you to always keep up with the latest technologies.

Do you want a new software for your lab?

If you want to speed up calibration procedures, manage equipment wisely in your lab and optimize resources - contact us for free access and see for yourself all the advanced features of the software! Your lab will be thankful.