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About myScal®

Everything you need to speed up your workflow and get true insights in your laboratory

Optimize calibration process

With the help of a single database and procedures in one place, the entire laboratory work is optimized - from receiving the calibration object, to the technical measurement procedure, calculating the results to generating the calibration certificate, its approval and sending to the user.

Advanced management of laboratory equipment

MyScal® can be a real service booklet for every single item of measuring equipment, especially laboratory equipment, where it automates the calculation of measuring drifts and enables trend analysis. Always available equipment reports are available through statistical tracking, display and data export capabilities.

Automated digital data management

MyScal® enables complete digitalization and automation of business - electronic signing of calibration certificates and digital exchange with the user of measuring equipment are his main assets. It also allows you to print calibration labels and tags. With this smart software, you can automatically retrieve measurement results from eg mass comparators, scales or thermometers. Automation shortens the time required for calibration, but also reduces human error.

Security of user role management

Depending on your needs and the needs of your users, it is possible to use a number of different user roles, such as laboratory management, metrology, user management or scale users. The security of user role management is ensured by various authorization options and user security passwords.

Audit ready

MyScal® is fully compliant with the requirements of all relevant metrology standards. It facilitates the audit, both for the laboratory and its user, because the traceability of all data is very easy to display. It is compliant with EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and complies with *21 CFR part 11 (validation in progress).

Reminders and calibration plans

MyScal® makes sure that the equipment is always moderate, whether it is the standards of your users or your laboratory equipment. According to the calibration interval, the software notifies the user of the imminent expiration. Calibration reminders and plans are extremely important for the management of human and material resources (equipment).

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Learn how myScal® optimizes work in your laboratory, with complete management of laboratory equipment and calibration procedures for measuring instruments in a number of industries. The program speeds up work, provides relevant information about your lab, while automated procedures shorten the time required for calibration.

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Calibrate the multichannel pipette 
in just 15 minutes

The process of calibrating a multichannel pipette has never been faster and easier. Enter all pipette data, automatically retrieve the measurement results from the reference device and download your calibration certificate with an electronic signature.

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