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myScal® - Sartorius Croatia registered trademark

Meet myScal®

myScal® is unique and only software solution on the market that allows complete management of laboratory equipment and calibration procedures for measuring instruments. This all in one metrology tool speeds up your workflow and provides true insights in your laboratory. MyScal® is completely tailored to customer needs, allowing them to fully automate and digitize their laboratory data and measurement results. MyScal® ensures that measuring instruments as a basis for accuracy and quality can be monitored and used in every segment of the industry, from research & development to pharmaceutical and food & beverage industry, production of medicines, chemical products and technology.

myScal® key features

Everything you need to speed up your workflow and get true insights in your laboratory
Whole calibration process within a single software solution

From receiving the calibration item, through the technical measurement process, calculating the results to generating a calibration certificate, approving it, and sending it to the user.

All lab services in one place

MyScal® was developed based on the experience of our own laboratory for calibration of pipettes, weights and balances. The possibilities for further development for other methods are limitless.

Advanced management of laboratory and customer equipment

MyScal® can be an excellent service booklet for every piece of measuring equipment, especially the laboratory, where it automates the calculation of measuring drifts and enables trend analysis.

myScal features - myScal® - Sartorius Croatia registered trademark
myScal features - myScal® - Sartorius Croatia registered trademark
Advanced document management

Electronic signing of calibration certificates and their exchange with the customers. Print calibration tags and labels.

Auto-fetch measurement results from reference devices

Measurement results can be obtained from e.g. mass comparators, scales or thermometers. Automation reduces the time required for calibration but also reduces the possibility of human error.

Various user roles

According to your needs and the needs of your users, it is possible to use a number of various user roles, such as lab-management, measurer, management on customer side or equipment users.

In accordance with EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2017 and *21 CFR part 11, ready for audit

MyScal® fully complies with the requirements of all relevant standards in metrology. It makes it easy for both the lab and its user to audit, because the traceability of all data is very easily displayed. * validation in process

Calibration reminders and planning

MyScal® makes sure that the equipment is always calibrated, whether it is a measure of your users or your laboratory equipment. According to the calibration interval, the software notifies the user about the expiration. Calibration reminders and calibration planning are extremely important for managing resources, whether human or material (equipment).

myScal features - myScal® - Sartorius Croatia registered trademark

Who is myScal® for?

MyScal® is a versatile solution designed for metrology laboratories (calibration or testing, accredited or non-accredited) and end-users of measuring equipment.

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