Business values

Business values - MyScal®

Corporate values are the foundation of our innovative and competitive strength. Our values are woven into all segments of business and we ensure ethical and responsible behavior in the society in which we operate. By taking care of people and the environment on a daily basis, we ensure higher quality and safety of life. With the latest technologies, we contribute to safer production and simpler development of processes, which ultimately result in faster and safer placement of pharmaceutical and food products on the market.


Sustainability has been our main goal from the very beginning. We are focused on our customers, excellence and innovation which are key elements of our business. Building long-term and transparent relationships with our business partners, suppliers and employees are a special focus.


The diversity of people, their profiles, knowledge, attitudes, ideas and characters have guaranteed us growth and success for years. Our differences make us special, but also more capable of solving the most complex challenges we face every day.


Our approach to business is serious, responsible, open and ethical. We are regularly educated and trained so that we can provide customers with the highest quality service. Our expertise is the main guide for solving the most complex tasks and queries.


We develop trust and long-term relationships with our partners. With our transparency, open communication and ethical behavior, we have created a reputation as a reliable partner you can rely on.


We believe that nothing is so good that it cannot be better. Our openness, combined with expertise, paves the way for innovation that creates value for the customer. Openness is a key source of change and progress within our company.


Quality is synonymous with our business. We provide it with certificates, quality management systems and continuous investment in our resources. With our products and services, we contribute to greater security of many industries and quality of life.