Modularity - MyScal®

Your module, your choice

Whether you are a smaller or larger laboratory that handles bigger amount of data, myScal® fully adapts to your needs and calibration requirements. The program is designed on a modular structure, which provides the user with a completely personalized user experience. Select one, two or all three calibration modules for scales, weights and pipettes and manage all data in one place. myScal® can be your effective 'all-in-one' software solution for complete laboratory equipment management

Safety first

The security of program management and user roles is ensured by various authorization options and security passwords of users (from laboratory management, metrologists to user management or instrument users). The program administrator defines access for an individual user, has all permissions and restricts actions and access to documents as needed.

New dimension of flexibility

Apart from giving myScal® the user complete flexibility in choosing the desired module for laboratory operations, it is not limited in terms of input methods and equipment manufacturers. High flexibility is ensured by automating the data collected from several different measuring instruments and the input of equipment suppliers is supported by multiple manufacturers.